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Dondo - With the destruction of hospitals and health centers by Cyclone Idai, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been working to restore health services by providing hospital equipment and temporary facilities. In Mutua and Mufambisse, Sofala province, four hospital support tents were installed with the help of Brazilian firefighters.

"We responded to the Brumadinho disaster in Minas Gerais, and our work here is very different and includes the clearing of highways and roads. transport, for example," shared captain Kleber Castro.

In addition to the tents that will assist the nurses' work, the Mutua Health Center (60 km from the city of Beira) received a maternity kit with hospital equipment for the care of pregnant women and women in labor.

Wilson Domingos, 34, was watching the assembly of the tents while waiting for his sister who was having a medical consultation.

"I have been here watching the assembly since the beginning. This support from the firefighters is very important because they have experience and after that, it will help a lot of people," said the Mozambican.

Domingas Paula, 23, also had her home hit by the cyclone and was now at the Mafambise clinic to offer help to nurses.

"I want to work to help the people here in the center, the center was destroyed, I came and I was looking at the firemen building the curious tent to discover what would be installed here. They need someone who can help when everything is ready, "said Domingas.

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