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"The women of Beira are fighting with all their strength and they need help," says Paulinia Chiziane.

In humanitarian emergencies, women are extremely affected. In Mozambique, UNFPA works to combat vulnerability and promote the dignity of girls and women affected by Cyclone Idai, a cyclone that left more than 600 dead and 1,600 injured in the country alone, according to the government.

On Mozambican Women's Day, celebrated on April 7, the writer and activist, Paulina Chiziane, reminds us that the victims of Cyclone Idai need support.

Tenda de reunião com mulheres em Pikok 1, Beira – Foto Natalia da Luz/UNFPA Moçmbique
Tent meeting with women Pikok 1, Beira – ©Natalia da Luz/UNFPA Mozambique

"This tragedy affects women. Usually, Mozambican women buy two capulanas, to dress alike and dance, but this year we could give two capulanas to each victim of this tragedy. These women in Mozambique are fighting with all their might to get water and get some comfort for their families,” says Paulina to UNFPA Mozambique.

UNFPA is working to assist victims of the tragedy with interventions to combat gender-based violence, protection of victims of sexual abuse, distribution and dignity kits (with basic items for protection and hygiene for women), and implementation of clinics to care for pregnant women. In Mozambique alone, there are more than 67,000 pregnant women in a situation of extreme vulnerability.



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