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New cyclone leaves more than 5,000 pregnant women vulnerability situation

Pemba - Cyclone Kenneth, struck Cabo Delgado on April 25, causing 5 deaths and thousands of families displaced. According to government data, more than 163,000 people were affected. Initial reports from Nampula province indicate that an additional 42,000 people have been displaced by rain and floods. It is estimated that more than 5,000 pregnant women are at risk of unsafe childbirth in affected areas.

Government officials are currently evacuating populations from high-risk areas in Nacala and Nacala Velha districts. There are more than 23 thousand people sheltered in 39 accommodation centers. 6 health facilities were destroyed, including 2 hospitals and 3 maternities.

Since March 14 (when Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is in the affected areas to assist vulnerable women and girls with activities such as the distribution of items of extreme need for safety and hygiene and actions to combat gender-based violence.

Watch the video below:

UNFPA delivers maternity and dignity kits to victims of Cyclone Idai

In Bândua, UNFPA installs tents for women in vulnerable situations


With support from Brazilian firefighters, UNFPA installs tents for health services


Cyclone Idai: Camp-site clinic will treat survivors of gender-based violence


In Mozambique, UNFPA joins efforts to serve women affected by cyclone Idai


Paulina Chiziane calls for more support for victims of Cyclone Idai