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26 Julho 2017 - 26 Julho 2017

Moma District, Nampula Province

Launch of the Rapariga Biz mentor training in Nampula

Under the initiative of the Rapariga Biz program, yesterday, in the district of Moma, Province of Nampula, training of 1000 new mentors began, coordinated by the Coalizão Association. Training will also begin this week in the districts of Angoche and Mogovolas, also in the province of Nampula.


26 Julho 2017 - 26 Julho 2017

Distrito de Moma, Província de Nampula

Lançamento de formação de mentoras do programa Rapariga Biz em Nampula

No âmbito da iniciativa Rapariga Biz, arrancou ontem, no distrito de Moma, Província de Nampula, a formação de 1000 novas mentoras, coordenada pela Associação Coalizão. A formação também iniciará esta semana nos distritos de Angoche e Mogovolas, também na província de Nampula. 


11 Julho 2017 - 11 Julho 2017

Cabo Delgado Province

Celebrating World Population Day in Cabo Delgado Province

As part of the festivities of World Population Day on the 11th of July, under the theme “Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations,” UNFPA, as a partner of the Government of Mozambique, joined the efforts of the province of Cabo Delgado, led by the Governor, Ms. Celmira Silva. For this event, UNFPA, mobilized support from the private sector, PEP Mozambique, one of the largest retail companies with a strong commitment to community development.