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Purpose and Scope of the Assignment


UNFPA Country Office shall sign contract with the successful Institution companies to be identified in this tender for a period of 2 years, with the option to extend for one additional year, subject to a satisfactory performance evaluation.


Apart from that UNFPA Maputo Mozambique Country Office we will also register Professional Individual Translators and Interpreters, proofreaders, and Editors into its roster for future needs for the provision of complex multilingual Translation and Interpreting services works. These individuals will be registered in the roster with fixed price quotation (for up to 2 years) and will be referred to when there is a need for translation, interpreting, proofreading and editing services.


Both Institutional companies and Individuals identified at the end of this solicitation process shall provide full, prompt, accurate and expert services to UNFPA in full compliance with this terms of reference.


Other resident UN Agencies, can also piggyback on the signatory of the contract to be signed with the Institutional companies at the end of the tender process, or benefit from the roster of UNFPA for individual translators, Interpreters, proofreaders and editors. Accordingly, those UN Agencies will also receive the complex multilingual services with the same prices and conditions stated in the contract or in the roster of UNFPA.


In this regards, you are hereby invited to submit your proposal for the “Provision of Multilingual Translation and Interpreting services” through this request for quotation. The following language pairs are required for written translation and interpreting works “consecutive and simultaneous), proofreading, and editing works:


  1. English – Portuguese
  2. Portuguese - English