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Survivor of Cyclone Idai, Laura Brito mobilizes and helps other women living in Peacock accommodation center in the city of Beira. During the country's recovery, she became a volunteer for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

"For women, it was more difficult. There was a woman who left her house because she had to go where her children were, but on her way, a coconut tree fell on her. She lost her life right away. Her story saddened me a lot.  I've never talked to pregnant women before, it's practically a lecture I give them. I'm not ashamed anymore and now when I talk to them it is like I'm talking to my own daughter," said Laura, who has three children and is expecting her fourth.


Concerned about other women, the 34-year-old Mozambican supports pregnant women, assists survivors of violence and gives advice pertinent to their sexual and reproductive health such as using condoms. In this center, UNFPA distributed dignity kits, held information sessions on sexual and reproductive health and implemented a clinic with integrated services shelter and care for survivors of violence.


"Here the strength I pass on is so that women do not become discouraged. I feel very proud, from the bottom of my heart."


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