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RFP Number: UNFPA/MOZ/RFP/18/004


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is seeking qualified Bids for the provision of servicesConducting the 2018 Facility Assessment for Reproductive Health Commodities and Services.

The Bid process will be conducted through a TWO-envelope system. Interested Bidders are requested to submit their Technical Bid separately from their Financial Bid containing price information.

UNFPA supports the Government of Mozambique in broadening access to quality SRH services at several levels. Since 2010, UNFPA, through its flagship programme, UNFPA Supplies, has supported the conduct of an annual survey on the availability and stock-out of contraceptives and maternal health medicines in the programme implementing countries. 

The survey has been expanded throughout the years to cover the availability of modern contraceptives and essential lifesaving maternal/reproductive health medicines, and also information regarding the supply chain (including cold chain), staff training and supervision, availability of guidelines and protocols, Information Communication Technology, method of waste disposal and user fee, views of clients about the services and the use of generic contraceptives.

Please note that all additional tender documents have been posted in the United Nations Global Marketplace and any updates of the tender will also be posted here. To access the tender documents, please visit http: 

All Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should be submitted no later than 17 July 2018, at 11:00 a.m. hours Maputo, Mozambique time.