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UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, an international development agency, invites qualified organizations to submit proposals for the [implementation of maternal, adolescents health-related project implementation in Sofala province]. The purpose of the Invitation for Proposals is to identify eligible non-governmental organizations for prospective partnership with UNFPA Mozambique Country Office to support achievement of results outlined in the  UNFPA Mozambique 9th CPD (2017-2021) or section 1.3 below.


Organizations that wish to participate in this Invitation for Proposals are requested to send their submission through email or mail clearly marked “NGO Invitation for Proposals” at the following address:


UNFPA Mozambique Country Office mailing address/email address:


By September 1, 2021. Proposals received after the date and time may not be accepted for consideration.

Applications must be submitted in both Portuguese or English (preferrable).


Any requests for additional information must be addressed in writing by [1 week before deadline for submissions] at the latest to [Amir Modan, e-mail: modan@unfpa.orgDiana Restrepo, e-mail:]. UNFPA will post responses to queries or clarification requests by any NGO applicants who submitted, on [UNFPA Mozambique Country Office] before the deadline for submission of applications.


UNFPA shall notify applying organizations whether it is considered for further action.