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Women and girls continue to face gender-based violence (GBV) risks associated with the ongoing-armed conflict in Cabo Delgado that started in 2017. These risks have been exacerbated by climatic hazards (e.g. Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in 2019 and Gombe March 2022), which have caused mass displacements in a country where even before these conflict, gender inequalities have been deeply rooted in the prevailing socio-cultural norms and practices, such as early and forced marriage.

The humanitarian response is coordinated through the GBV AoR (Area of Responsibility), which includes about 23 active organizations working on GBV prevention and response including NGOs, Government and UN agencies. The GBV AoR is a sub-cluster of the Protection cluster. 

The report highlights the prevention and response actions by GBV AoR partners in the first 6 months of 2022. The report strongly advocates for increasing funding to GBV services, focusing on the human rights of affected people, including addressing conflict-related sexual violence, addressing the lack of access to Northern districts, and focusing on activities that address the lack of livelihoods of affected populations.