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In the early hours of 23 January, Cyclone Eloise –a category two storm packing winds of up to 120km/hour, gusts of 150 km/h – made landfall in Sofala Province in central Mozambique, an area still recovering from the devastation of Cyclone Idai some two years ago.

Heavy rains in the lead-up to Cyclone Eloise had already raised rivers and basins above their alert levels, increasing the risk for significant flooding in low-lying areas, including Busi district and Beira city.

UNFPA has joined efforts led by the Government of Mozambique to assess the full extent of the cyclone’s damage and support a coordinated, rapid response that attends to the needs of those affected, including women, girls, and youth.

UNFPA is liaising with protection and health cluster working groups to ensure that the safety, health, and protection of women and girls – who often bear the brunt of a crisis – remain at the fore.