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Description of task

The volunteer will lead UNFPA’s participation in the conference preparation committees and subcommittees under the overall supervision of the organization committee and direct supervision from the UNFPA Event Coordinator.

The volunteer will be expected to complete the following tasks:

Prepare agenda and minutes from The International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons ( ISOFS) committees and subcommittees meetings, follow up on assigned tasks and coordinate reporting for the next meeting from the responsible parties;

Draft correspondence on the basis of instructions; or redirecting them as appropriate, drawing the attention of the supervisor or other concerned staff ;

Disseminate invitation email with invitation letters, program information, registration form, abstract form, general and accommodation information note;

Follow up on the delivery of invitations and confirmation of ISOFS/IOFWG participants;

Maintain a list including contact information of counterparts, resource persons and list of participants;

Ensure that invitation letters be sent to ISOFS/IOFWG participants in time

Ensure that the event company provides everything requested, including meeting materials, visa assistance, transport arrangements, simultaneous interpretation, audiovisual equipment, and service maintenance as per the ToRs approved by UNFPA;

Other activities pertaining to the conference as deemed necessary by the UNFPA.

For more details and application, please follow This link