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This article was originally published on the Global Spotlight Initiative website.


In Mozambique, with the support of the Spotlight Initiative, thousands of women and girls now have access to Mobile Clinics and Care Centres with integrated services (health, justice, social services, among others) available for survivors of gender-based violence. This multisectoral response is also reaching women living in the most isolated parts of the country. These efforts seek to ensure that no woman is left behind.

In "Leave No One Behind", a two-part documentary, we learn about the impact that services provided by Care Centers and Mobile Clinics have on the health and lives of Mozambican women and girls, through the voice of those who provide and receive these services.


PART 1 - RESCUE: The mobile clinics reaching Mozambique’s most isolated survivors of gender-based violence. In "Rescue", hit the road with the dedicated women and men who travel the country providing life-giving care.



PART 2 - SURVIVE: Breaking the cycle of violence against women and girls in Mozambique. In "Survive", listen to Josefina and Ivone's stories, two of the thousands of women living in remote parts of Mozambique who received life-saving care from Spotlight Initiative.