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The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Census Observation Teams were deployed to the Provinces of Gaza, Sofala, Maputo Province and Zambezia throughout the Census 2017 enumeration period (1st - 15th of August, 2017) to evaluate and observe the level of commitment of all those involved, the availability of resources and material, the visibility and awareness of the census and any challenges faced in the field. The teams visited census offices at the provincial, district and administrative post levels, warehouses and enumerators at work in the following districts: Chongoene and Chokwe (Gaza), Nicoadala and Namacurra (Zambezia), Nhamatanda (Sofala) and Moamba (Maputo Province). 


A high-level delegation visited the district of Namaacha in Maputo Province. This team included the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom, the High Commissioner of India, the Ambassador of Norway, and the Deputy Representative of UNFPA. The delegation was highly impressed by the motivation, professionalism, awareness, and level of outreach in the remote areas of the district of Namaacha. 


Upon arrival at the National Institute of Statistics (INE) provincial and district offices, the teams met Provincial Delegates and District Administrators and their respective staff that were all wearing Census capulanas, t-shirts and hats with pride. Each team received an update on the progress, with all the provinces facing similar challenges such as lack of materials, delay in receipt of transportation, tablets and fuel, and lack of financial resources to buy airtime and pay supervisors. All the Administrators and Provincial Delegates were proud, patriotic and positive about the work being done. As government officials, they were happy to assist with their vehicles, computers and any other lacking materials, some even offering the use of their personal laptops to ensure that the enumeration would not be stalled. 


All of the enumerators the teams encountered had reached or were about to reach their daily target of 8 to 10 houses per day, they were all able to interpret their maps and none of them were refused entry or data as the community leaders were able to disseminate information about the importance of the census throughout the districts visited. The supervisors, in spite of the lack of compensation, fulfilled their duties with pride and enthusiasm. The UNFPA Census observation teams were impressed by the overall progress and collaboration with the governmental administrators in the Provinces of Sofala, Gaza, Zambezia and Maputo Province.