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It is estimated that 500,000 women live with obstetric fistula globally; in Mozambique, it is estimated that there are 2,500 new cases a year. this life-altering yet preventable childbirth injury can also take away your dignity, health, well-being, and your ability to work and be a part of society.

UNFPA Mozambique has been working with the Ministry of Health, the Focus Fistula Association, and the ISOFS planning committee, alongside UNFPA HQ to organize the 8th International Conference of the Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons (ISOFS) to be held from 31 October - 04 November 2022 in Maputo.

We anticipate attendance from more than 150 leading scientists, doctors, researchers, and program managers from around the globe, presenting a unique and opportune moment to promote the highest standards of obstetric fistula care for women in a safe, effective, and ethical manner. Fostering collaboration between communities and health systems, enhanced knowledge of basic and clinical obstetric fistula research, and ethical standards and guidelines will be featured on the agenda.

In addition, this conference is the first for a Lusophone hosting country and in Southern Africa.

More information about the conference and registration can be found attached and via this link: