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The Position:

In March and April 2019, Sofala and Cabo Delgado provinces were hit by cyclones Idai and Kenneth, respectively, which left several people in need of humanitarian assistance. On top of this already complex emergency situation, Sofala and Cabo Delgado provinces have also been experiencing a significant deterioration of the humanitarian situation, due to escalating violence and attacks perpetrated by non-state armed groups on civilians. The armed conflict in Cabo Delgado has caused more than 2,000 deaths and about 650,000 internally displaced people. Both natural disasters and insecurity have led to an alarming deterioration of basic services with seriously negative impacts on the human rights and protection of the affected people, especially the most vulnerable (women’ and girls, children, the elderly, persons living with disabilities and persons with HIV/AIDS).

In the most affected areas in both Provinces, health centers, health center infrastructures, supplies and human resources have been weakened and greatly decreasing the capacity of health care workers to provide quality services, including sexual and reproductive health and maternal and child health care. The Government and Humanitarian partners, including UNFPA are working together to respond the humanitarian needs in both provinces and support ensuring continuity and availability of these services amid the natural disasters, conflict and Covid-19 pandemic.

The Maternal and Child Health Nurse will provide technical support and guidance for the provision of comprehensive Maternal and Child Health services in the Health Centers of the affected areas of Sofala and Cabo Delgado Provinces. S/he reports directly to the Provincial Sub-Office Coordinators and under the overall guidance of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Team Leader.